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48 Miniatures in 18 Hours

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Been working on the house 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week.  Needless to say I’m shot.  I am still enjoying painting in the evenings.  Here are two units for Lasalle that I finished this evening.  I still need to base them.  I am going to use them as veteran infantry from the French Penninsular list.  The mounted officers in the ranks will denote that they are veterans.

A couple of quick things:

1. I know that these are 1815 French.  The Perry plastics are a wonderful value, fast to paint, and I can build 3 units from 2 boxes and a command blister.

2. These are painted as fast as I can paint.  I definitely need to be in the right mood (or exhausted) to paint like this.

3. My printer is out of ink, so the casualty markers will be finished after a trip to Staples.

On to the pics:

Veteran Infantry:

Veteran Infantry

Veteran Line:

82nd Line

Veteran Line26th Line

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Regimento Llanes WIP

June 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Spanish - Regimento Llanes circa 1809

Just waiting on the other stanrdard bearer and three grenadiers to arrive from Triangle Miniatures…  These guys were a blast to paint.  Painting these has me rethinking my Napoleonic project.  Originally I planned to do the light division with some attached KGL horse.  The lack of appropriate light division troops at a reasonible (ready Perry plastics) price and the great deal of enjoyment I have just looking at the guys above mean that I will probably be doing a brigade loosely based upon Picton’s 3rd at Fuentes with a few attached Spanish brigades.  Now I know that the few SPanish units that arrived late to Fuentes were not actually involved, but I could honestly care less.  These guys will look terrific when bulked out to a 24 man unit.

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Spanish Guerrillas – Painting Finished

June 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Spanish Guerrilla WIP

Painting on 2 SK (skirmish) bases for Honour is finished.  I finally got to paint a few of the Front Rank guerrillas that I have been coveating for years.  Basing and sealing still to be finished.

These guys will be stading infront of either the Regimento Irlanda, as skirmishers, or a yet to be decided upon militia unit.

The bases are intentionally small.  It is optional to even represent SK bases on the table top and in the few test games we have played they are often shuffled out of the way.

Spanish Guerrilla WIPSpanish Guerilla WIP

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Small bit of progress – Lots left

June 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Two guerrillas left to finish a pair of SK bases.  I am still waiting on a few replacement figures from Triangle Miniatures.  Hopefully they arrive soon.  Once the guerrillas are finished I will start on the Polish Lancers that I have……  I am still waiting on 2 that were missing from the last order as well as an arm for one that came damaged.

Spanish Guerrilla (1)Spanish Guerrilla (1)

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40mm Neapolitan Line circa 1808

June 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Here are a few WIP shots of a 12 strong battalion of Neapolitan line.  They are the second battalion, circa 1808.  The flag is conjecture.  I modified a 1st Battalion flag.  If anyone would like me to post the flag just say so.



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