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Boxing and it’s effect on the human body

September 19, 2009 1 comment

Just a small update with a few figures that I painted a while ago.  These are by copplestone.  I believe they are from his gangster range.  I originally purchased these to use as orderlies in an asylum and I suspect I will be buying another blister to paint in white.

Pink Shoes Malloy and his trainer Smokes

Boxer 1

Eisen Fist and his trainer Yoge BernerBoxer 2

A quick snapshot taken by hidden journalist covering the illegal boxing matches that occur every day on the hundreds of tramp steamers transporting good around the world.


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Pulp Comic Diversion

September 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Read left to right.  Click the link for a larger view.  Used some plug-in work around called Thickbox.  Sorta works.  I know the pop-ups are small, but hopefully they are still readable.  Let me know.  Lots of Back of Beyond, FOW, SYW, & Dark Ages to roll out.  I just need some time to take more pictures.  Also keep a look out for a “For Sale” section.