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Lasalle Core French Penninsular Army (almost…)

August 26, 2009 1 comment

Most of a core French Penninsular force for Lasalle.  I have one more conscript unit that did not make the photo and the artillery is on order.  See the previous post on artillery.

French Arrayed

Veteran Infantry.  The list has both veteran and conscript infantry.  The veterans have mounted officers.

Veteran Infantry (Officers are mounted)

Conscript Infantry.  The officer are all walking, poor souls.

DSFrench Conscripts (Officers are on foot)

Attached Dragoons.  The penninsular list has a single small unit of attached dragoons.

Attached Dragoons

Casualty Markers.  We know that these French will never be taking casualties, but incase my opponent forgets his markers, here are a few.

Casualty Markers