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WWII Finns (Commission)

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

I painted up a full army of these a while back and the client had a few additions.  Here they are.  Everything is hand painted, including the tank markings.

In other news,  I have come to the end of about 4 months of commissions and I am ready for a break!  I’ve got some Napoleonic figures on order from Maelstrom and will most likely place orders with Front Rank and Perry in the next few days.  I can see the light at the end of my 28mm project (Phase I).  Essentially I will be able to field two Lasalle armies with two support choices each.  My buddy Chris and I prefer to play at the two support level for the same reason we like FOW at 2000pts.  You get to take all the toys!

P.S. 60 Brunswick infantry should be making an appearance soon.  They are painted, but you don’t need to see the pictures of them on Popsicle sticks.  Hopefully I can convince the new owner to snap some pics once they are based.

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September Progress

October 4, 2009 Leave a comment

I needed a break from painting Napoleonics for a bit, so I busted out a pair of Xyston DBA armies that two friends were nice enough to give me.  One Thessalian and one Spartan.  I set out to get one of them finished, the Thessalians.  I did not paint all of the options that the list offers.  Instead I hope to paint a few more armies from this period.  This way I can obtain ALL of the options by mixing and matching.  Anyway here are the Thessalians:


I was able to get together twice with a good buddy of mine and played two games of DBA.  First was against Spartans and it was a 4-0 blowout.  I guess these Spartans forgot to watch 300 before wandering into battle.  The second game was against an imperial Macedonian list.  A 1-4 defeat insued.  Those number do not tell the whole story though as a Psiloi element was one pip away from destroying an elephant!

After these games I figured that I had better get off my butt and do up a second army to use as an opponent.  I need to have two armies if I am ever going to demo DBA for some of my fantsy inclined buddies.  Here are the dreaded enemies of Thessalia……the Spartans:

9 Spears (general in the middle) and 1 Auxillia


Psilio and Cavalry


Finally I figured I had better get a few shots of my other completed minis in September.  Here are a pair of Man-o-War Demo Corps super high SPEED painted for use in Warmachine MKII.