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Vistula Lancers (WIP)

Before I can complete my proposed FOW style pdf featuring a new reserve choice for the French Penninsular army I need to get some figures painted.  These guys need to do a bit of play testing and I need to get some good pictures of them for the pdf.  Below is a large unit (12 figures on 6 bases) that still need lances, pennons, and basing.  I am going to wait to order / add the pennons until I place a large GMB order.

I’m not sure if I would order these Front Rank figures again.  The figures are beautiful and a joy to paint, but they are huge.  It looks like the lancers are riding ponies.

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive light box?  Preferably something I can fold flat.  I am not satisfied with the photo quality, and if you, the reader, take the time to look at the pictures, I need to provide the best “product” possible.  Ideas?

Anyway here are the pics.

Officer and standard bearer are wearing the stylish red sash.  I have no idea if they really did, and am not too fussed about it.  I just like the combination of white, blue, yellow, and red.

The whole unit, sans lances, waiting to break a few squares.

In completely different news, Rattrap Games has purchased Contemptible Little Armies, the rules by Chris Peers, and I hope to have the opportunity to play a few 500pt. back of beyond games with Rich (of Rattrap fame).  Anyway I was digging through my painted figures and found these guys.  Hope you old grognards don’t mind the short diversion.

Bengali Lancers with Bamboo Lances (figures by Brigade Games)

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