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Taken the plunge. . . & the French are done. . .

French core is all painted and based. (Pics soon, it’s raining here so the light is worse than usual.) That is 4 conscript units, 3 veteran units, 1 dragoon unit, 1 battery, 10 SK figures, and 3 commanders. These guys can attack or defend. Flags are still a ways off since I want to order French and British flags from GMB all at once and the price adds up quickly. (Please don’t let that discourage anyone though. They are definitely worth saving for!).

I picked up a box of Victrix highlanders this weekend and will start painting tartans for a British guard list. I can do 2 large units of guard with a box of victrix centre company highlanders and 2 blisters of perry flank company highlanders. 70 figures for approximately $50 is really cheap. I’m definitely looking forward to the victrix British artillery arriving.

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