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M&R / Spanish Update

I was able to play a quite enjoyable game of M&R this weekend.  I really do need to get some pictures of my Spanish force up onto the blog.  Maybe I’ll find the time over the holiday weekend to do a bit of photography…

The game involved an Average Spanish General against a Good Turkish General.  Unfortunately the Spanish were still outnumbered!!  The board we played on was amazingly sparse, with with a small trickle of a stream on the Spanish left.  With so much open ground and so many Turkish light troops the Spanish were forced to deploy most of their army behind the river.  This led to a less than thrilling engagement as the Spanish bunkered and tried not to be flanked by all of the light cavalry (calvary for Barry).  I did stick a large unit of Spanish horse outside of the bunker so that I would have something to do.  Naturally this was a mistake as they failed to activate twice in a row AND I could not roll better than a 2 on all combat rolls.  Highlights included the amazing Spanish musketry which, contrary to the cavalry’s performance, decimated a number of Janissary and Turkish Levy units.  Had we had a bit more terrain on the board the Spanish could have had a much better showing.  Being forced to bunker was a real drag, but my 5 SP infantry can not fight of enemy cav when they are flanked for a -3 modifier for all combats.

Pics are missing because the camera was left at home.


Lasalle Spanish

The Spanish core are all primed and ready to go.  Having received my copy of Lasalle I noticed that the number of Militia necessary has dropped from 3 to 2.  No problem as I’ll be able to pack the bases a bit denser than I originally planned.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I am only going to paint the front rank of each unit.  Then over the course of a few months I can add in the second rank.  Like ever other gamer, I just love to push lead around on the table.  I am torn between painting these unit by unit, just banging out the entire army in one go, or painting all of the similar things (faces, muskets, cartridge pouches, hats, boot, etc.) of ever unit and the going back in to finish the uniforms.  Opinions?

  1. Joe
    November 24, 2009 at 4:35 AM

    Well, my opinion would be to work on 1-2 units at a time (depending on the size you are starting with). If you are trying to paint 100 faces or 100 boots in a row it could get a little boring and would make lesser painters lose their minds.

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