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September Progress

I needed a break from painting Napoleonics for a bit, so I busted out a pair of Xyston DBA armies that two friends were nice enough to give me.  One Thessalian and one Spartan.  I set out to get one of them finished, the Thessalians.  I did not paint all of the options that the list offers.  Instead I hope to paint a few more armies from this period.  This way I can obtain ALL of the options by mixing and matching.  Anyway here are the Thessalians:


I was able to get together twice with a good buddy of mine and played two games of DBA.  First was against Spartans and it was a 4-0 blowout.  I guess these Spartans forgot to watch 300 before wandering into battle.  The second game was against an imperial Macedonian list.  A 1-4 defeat insued.  Those number do not tell the whole story though as a Psiloi element was one pip away from destroying an elephant!

After these games I figured that I had better get off my butt and do up a second army to use as an opponent.  I need to have two armies if I am ever going to demo DBA for some of my fantsy inclined buddies.  Here are the dreaded enemies of Thessalia……the Spartans:

9 Spears (general in the middle) and 1 Auxillia


Psilio and Cavalry


Finally I figured I had better get a few shots of my other completed minis in September.  Here are a pair of Man-o-War Demo Corps super high SPEED painted for use in Warmachine MKII.


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