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And the next army is…………

British or Spanish….which should I choose?  I can let a cat out of the bag and tell the 4 people that rad this blog that Lasalle army lists (the ones in the book, not future ones that may be published via the wiki) do not offer any provision for creating a British army with Spanish allies or a Spanish army with British allies.  Those of us looking to enjoy a sea of red, white, brown, and blue uniforms will have to settle for either red or brown/white/blue.

Over the past few days I have built the army lists using figures from various manufacturers, thought about whether I want a sprawling horde of unperdictable troops (led by those stout veterans of the Regiment de Irlanda) or a compact hammer in the form of the Light Division, and debated if those Victrix light brigade heads are really worth £10.00 + shipping.  All of the “hemming and hawwing” has led me to one conclusion.

Viva la Muerte!

First up are three units of militia.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine Spanish militia.  I’m not picturing well dressed and British supplied men in a wall of freshly made blue uniforms, brass buttons polished, moustaches trimmed.  I’m picturing a farmer, a cobbler, and a thief standing near one another.  Each is armed with something that fires at least one lead projectile at a time.  If the going gets tough these guys might stand and put up one hell of a fight.  They might just as easily have a foot race back to whereever home is.  If they ever had one of those freshly made uniforms they were sure to pick off the buttons, sell them, and drink the profit before some Frenchman could steal them from their corpse.  Now that we’ve got a picture we need to get some figures to represent this downtrodden (but not beaten) group.

Remember, we are looking to build three units here and we aren’t looking to spend ever list dime we’ve got.  We also know that life is way too short to paint old glory figures.

Here is our cast of characters:

Someone to lead these guys.  Two units get standards, 2 different units get musicians, and 2 units get officers.  Not too bad to start.

These guys are all going to have twins.  They might dress different, but we need some filler on these stands.  With 12 of these (6×2) we’ve got a total of 18 figures spread over 12 stands.

Once again twins.  Something to think about: Not everyone needs to face forwards.  Isn’t that nice to say.  Some of the runners will be running towards the fight, others will be looking for some Tapas in the baggage train.  Total # of figures: 30 over 12 bases.

Last but certainly not least we’ve got these chaps.  This is the second horse and musket Spanish army I have done (SYW being the first) and I want to start a tradition of including men of the cloth in some way.  Total # of figures: 36 / 12 bases.

Some readers might be crying fowl right now for a number of reasons.  First off I’ve got 30 figures filling the space set aside for 60 figures in Sam’s nice basing diagrams.  Get over it.  These will look a lot nicer than those little circles in his book.  Once the basing (fences, water features, rocks, wagon wheels) is added those bases will look packed.  Not shoulder to should Froggy packed, but Spanish militia bring most of what I own with me packed.  Secondly these are from a Carlist wars range.  I don’t know about you, but they look like “non-uniformed volunteers” with firearms.

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