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Decisions, Decisions…..

With triangle miniatures really dragging their feet I am left with a mix of units to paint.  I can start on 9 of the Spanish line in bicorne.  I am still waiting on 3.  I can start on 7 of the 12 Spanish line in top hat.  Still missing 5……

I prefer to paint in larger batches as I often mix colors.  Even with a color swatch and recipe in a journal, I find it chalenging to exactly match a figure that was painted even a week before.  In the interum I have been doing some research on the Spanish army.  I am not painting them for a specific scenario and therefore have the freedom to pick and choose between the more extravagent uniforms.

Llanes BattalionThe spanish line in bicorne will be painted as the battalion from Llanes.  To the left is the information provided by “Spanish Armies of the Napoleonic Wars (2) 1808 – 1812”, published by Osprey.

I found this link that offers the first bit of information I have been able to find about the Battalion Llanes:

New Infantry Units

The bulk of the Spanish regular army was destroyed in 1808 in battles with the French (Sapherson, 1991).  Local juntas went about recruiting their own armies by adopting any surviving regulars and raising new volunteer units (Partridge & Oliver, 1998).   Catalonia and the Basque country had the advantage of a tradition of local armed irregulars – the miqueletes and somatenes – but other communities also raised troops.  Even the universities contributed staff and students to the cause.  The lack of horses in Spain meant most of these new units were infantry.  By 1809 there were over 100 new infantry regiments contributing at least 150 new battalions.  Many of these units had a short life span as they dispersed for lack of supplies, suffered in battle and siege, and/or were amalgamated with other units.  Sapherson has a list of units in existence by 1809 including the number of battalions, but does not list units raised subsequently.  The list isn’t complete but it is a good starting point.

This new source shows that the Battalion Llanes existed from 1808 to 1809.  It was most definitely raised by the local Junta in Asturias.

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