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The Plan

Here is the run down of what still needs to be done:

  • Finish painting Guerrillas (2 Miniatures) √
  • Finish Polish Lancers’ Horses (8 Horses)
  • Finish Polish Lancers that are primed (4 Miniatures)
  • Receive and finish the missing lancers (4 Miniatures)
  • Finish three 40mm Hussars that are primed (3 Miniatures / 3 Horses)
  • Finish four primed French Voltigeurs (4 miniatures)
  • Receive missing Spanish.  Prime and paint 24 Spanish Line.  Twelve in the 1805 uniform and twelve in top hats.  The 1805 uniformed troops will be painted as Regimento Irlanda.  Not sure on the other group.  These will get bulked out to 24 man units later. (24 Miniatures)x
  • Receive missing Westphalians.  Prime and paint 24 Westphalian Line and 4 Voltigeurs. (28 Miniatures)
  • Time permitting: 12 more Neapolitan Line in 40mm. (12 Miniatures)
  • Total to Paint: 81 Foot / 11 Horses

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